Benefits Of Incense

Burning incense was part of religious and cultural ceremonies for centuries before it caught on as a popular alternative for conventional home fresheners and as an essential part of our modern-day “self-care routines.”

Incense sticks are primarily made from a type of wood that’s derived from the Santalum album tree and have become widely available in health food stores and grocery shops all around the world.

Here are just some of the health and wellness benefits that one can enjoy when burning incense:

Anxiety Relief
  • There’s no denying that the majority of the adult population in our modern-day society lives under immense stress due the sheer complexity of today’s world. Burning incense essences like lavender has been known to significantly reduce stress and anxiety, as evidenced by many research studies.

  • These studies observed reduced stress and anxiety among breast biopsy patients due in part to the aromas released by burning incense. Sandalwood essential oil was used which is a well-known stress relief agent.

  • For even better stress relief benefits, try burning the sandalwood essential oil along with lavender essential oil to instantly lift your mood and relax your mind and body after a long day.
Sleep Quality Improvement
  • Burning sandalwood essential oil has been shown to have sedative effects as well, thus calming and relaxing the mind enough to enable restful sleep. That’s why sandalwood is widely used in aromatherapy practice to get patients into a relaxed state, and it’s the perfect essence to burn before bedtime, as it definitely sets the tone for a relaxing and deep rest.

Lowers Blood Pressure
  • The soothing aroma released by the incense stick works to instantly calm the body and lower blood pressure, which can go a long way in preventing strokes, heart attacks, and other heart conditions.

  • While burning incense won’t necessarily cure you of high blood pressure or heart disease, it can really help accelerate your treatment and naturally lower blood pressure.

Wound Healing
  • It’s interesting to note that sandalwood incense has also been shown to aid in quick wound recovery. That’s because it works to stimulate the olfactory receptors which are connected to the production of keratin, for example. And since keratin is a major part of the uppermost part of your skin, this then helps to speed up wound recovery.
Can Be Used as a Natural Air Freshener
  • Of course, the sandalwood scent is widely known for being one of the most pleasant fragrance aromas around thanks to its woodsy yet aromatic scent. So it’s an ideal scent to burn if you want to shift the odor in your home or if you just want it to smell fragrant and pleasant.

  • The best part is that it’s a safer alternative to conventional, store-bought air fresheners. Not only are the chemicals contained in these products harmful to the environment but they’re also harmful to your health as well, and can even cause cancer.

Make Sure Your Room Has Good Ventilation

Regardless of the health benefits offered by burning incense, it’s still smoke at the end of the day, which is why you should always burn it in a well-ventilated area.