Start Your Day With a Ritual

The word ‘ritual’ feels charged with spooky scenes of witches stirring a cauldron or some kind of blood sacrifice – however, if we move beyond that we find ritual really translates to simply doing something regularly with deep awareness and intention.

What are your already existent daily habits? Can you add extra awareness to any of them, and in doing so create a more magic moment? Many of us make ourselves a hot drink in the morning: could this be done with added consciousness about what cup we use, which tea, how we boil the water, where we sit when we drink it and the state of mind we allow to flow as we do? Could we bring a more meditative state to the way we approach a daily task and even use it as a special time when we focus on an intention we may have to initiate positive change in our life? In the same way that meditation calms the mind and nervous system, creating small rituals out of our daily habits can be a real game-changer to one’s feelings. When we allow ourselves the time and focus to transform the mundane into the sacred through giving our full attention and grace; we feel the benefits on multiple levels.


Body's Natural Evolution:

 Many experts talk of how ritual reawakens the body’s natural evolution mechanisms to help us be happier, healthier and feel more connected:

“Ritual allows us to enter sacred space with awareness to flow. There is often a point of focus at the center of a ritual in present time that helps us to reclaim our spirituality. Performing ritual is simply a tool to reawaken this aspect of our being because it provides a signal to the body to begin physiological and energetic changes to initiate change by aiming for an altered state of consciousness conducive to self-exploration and reprogramming.” 

This could be the perfect time to upgrade your life by bringing a little ritual in. Full moons are often catalysts of change inspired by a new realization or increased awareness in consciousness. Could you bring a little ritual into your life to help you reconnect to your power and your innate ability to heal, grow and manifest?

We’ve come up with a few daily rituals you might like to incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Morning yoga or meditation practice
  • Simply watching the sunrise (this is a powerful practice!)
  • Brewing and drinking a cup of tea (preferably in a pot with loose leaf tea, perhaps you have a special spoon and cup too!)
  • Burning resin incense or Palo Santo while you sit in the days first rays of light
  • Writing a page of ‘stream of consciousness’ thought as soon as you wake.

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