Stop and Smell the Incense

Choosing the best Incense for you:

  • Frenkencense, Benzoin, and Sandalwood is well-recognized for calming, healing, and meditation. Uluru and Abydos are best used in small to medium sized rooms.
  • Naturally, Palo Santo have been used traditionally to give a sense of uplifting energy, purify, and transform. Both contributing to the effect of healing. Warding off bad energy is a common practice with Palo Santo sticks, inviting ceremony & magic.
  •  Lighting an incense after a meal can help put  you at ease. Nomadic & Dawn has sweet aroma, best used high-ceiling kitchens or large open rooms.


How to Safely and properly burn incense:

  1. Use a base which is flame-retardant and heat resistant, like ceramic. It’s also best if this base is large enough to catch the ash of the burnt incense, to allow for a quick and easy clean up. 

  2. Ensure you have no fabrics or flammable objects in the close proximity to your incense. 

  3. Light the end of the incense stick, but just the very tip.  It should not go up in flame but should start to smolder - emitting its smoke and fragrance. This will allow you to get the best possible fragrance.

  4. Do not inhale the smoke directly, and the incense base/holder is best placed about 2 meters away from you. 

  5. If you don’t want to burn the entire stick, or have a smaller space, turn the incense stick upside down and replace in its base.  This should encourage the incense to naturally go out.

As we’ve taken you through the importance of scent in our series, what smells we’ve reviewed the benefits of fragrance, their soothing and grounding nature, as well as its usage as a tool to alter your state of mind positively and naturally. This journey has also taken place during one of the most astounding times in history. Where our perspectives have altered, our priorities have shifted, and our lives have forever changed. We’re hopeful for the future and the clarity this time has brought us. 

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