Your Questions About Incense Answered.

Incense in its very nature is shrouded in mystery: Which really is part of the reason why we all find it so deeply enchanting.

Whether you're a long-time incense devotee and burn it on the regular, or you're newly discovering the delights and benefits it can bring to your atmosphere.

So when we started delving into this wonderful world of fragrances and researching their delivery systems, we wanted to know all the ins and outs of this ancient therapeutic tool.

While incense has been used for centuries, these modern times have dictated a new need for understanding, and different questions came into play. Safety and health are paramount, and we wanted to be sure that incense was going to dovetail beautifully with our holistic and healthy lifestyles... 

We all know about the benefits of Aromatherapy, but our curious minds and strong desire toward the novel side had us deeming regular old essential oil diffusers archaic... Especially when we could get our essential oils in the form of cascading clouds of mesmerizing smoke that come tumbling out of a dragon's fiery jaws... Or trickling serenely down a waterfall next to a seated Buddha.

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It does, thanks to the high concentration of therapeutic essential oils in high-quality incense cones. The aroma therapeutic benefits found through inhaling key essential oils has been proven scientifically to powerfully address many various ailments and health concerns.

Burning essential oils stimulates our bodies' own healing powers, boosting our immune systems and demonstrating adapt genic abilities. 

The fascinating adapt genic powers of essential oils means that our bodies actually convert and direct the healing effects of specific aromatherapies toward the most effective avenue within to repair us.



Ensuring the health and safety of man's best friend is our top priority. We don't know what we'd do without our trusty sidekicks, so we always take any measures we can to ensure they'll have long, happy lives by our side!

Research shows that incense can be safely burned around your pets, provided it's in a well-ventilated area- however our backflow burners work best when there aren't any drafts around to disturb the serene cascade. For that reason, we decide not to take any fire risks or cause any discomfort to our furry sidekicks' sensitive sniffers when we enjoy our incense burners, so we leave our pets in a different room while we focus on our peaceful meditation practice.



We're neat freaks around here. But we also love incense, so we searched for a solution that would allow us to enjoy the benefits without all the messy cleanup afterwards. Because the more work it is to set the stage for our meditation practice in our already busy lives, the less inclined we'd be to do it... Let's be realistic.

Incense cones became the clear choice when we were experimenting with different types. Gone are the days of those old wooden incense stick burners that drop messy ash all over the place, which then billows off in sooty clouds when you pick it up and try to maneuver it carefully into the trash! 

Incense cones keep all the ash in one tidy tower once the burning is complete, so you can swiftly remove it and just place a new cone on the platform. No dusting or wiping required, or worrying about your furniture!

When your spent incense cone ash is stacked in a dense tower that holds together, it's more than just a nice touch... It's a total game changer.

Try Incense Universe Incense Cones and we promise, you'll never use stick incense again!



While many people like to burn incense during prayer, meditation, or religious practices, there are an equal amount of incense burning people that do not have any religious affiliations. 

The long history of using incense for religious purposes is merely symbolic; No matter which spiritual discipline is followed, incense is always used as a physical representation of an intention. This intention can be anything from a devotion to a particular deity, or to just the beautiful practice of self-care.

Incense holds powerful connotations and summons significant mental shifts through the ritual of lighting it and contemplating it. It encourages us to ponder the impermanence of all things, and catapults us into the present moment.

You can chant incantations while you light it, speak to source energy, repeat affirmations, or simply set the important intention of being completely introspective and meditative while it burns.

Assign whatever significance to the ritual that resonates with you, and you will see the expansive benefits, no matter what your spiritual discipline.

And don't worry... Even with this deeper understanding, all the captivating mystery you gravitate toward in incense will still remain, in the esoteric echoes that its hauntingly beautiful tendrils of smoke always invoke...

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